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Policy & Political Action

Urgent Action Alert to Federal Leaders: Show Leadership on Climate Change, Vote YES to Bill C-311

May 4, 2010


Tomorrow afternoon at 5:30 p.m. the federal House of Commons will vote on the Climate Change Accountability Act, known as Bill C-311. If the vote succeeds, the Climate Change Accountability Act becomes the law. However, if it fails, Canada will be left with no federal legislation requiring government action on climate change.


It was only last December that Prime Minister Stephen Harper went to the global climate change conference in Copenhagen and dropped the ball, failing to support a deal on emission-reduction targets and exposing Canada as part of the problem on climate change, not part of the solution.


Now, with Bill C-311, Members of Parliament can vote to make government accountable to Canadians on climate change by:

  • Targeting deep, science-based reductions of climate change-causing greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Ensuring that the government makes a plan to deliver these reductions; and,
  • Providing for independent oversight of government plans and performance.

Registered nurses know how global warming and environmental pollution are dangerous for our health. Today, please make a difference. Send a message to the Party Leaders, the Environment Minister and the Party environment critics: “Vote YES to Bill C-311”.


What You Can Do TODAY


Please tell the Prime Minister, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, New Democratic Party Leader Jack Layton and their chief environmental spokespeople that RNs are watching closely. When the time comes to take a position, tell them to vote for real action on climate change.


Remember, the MPs are voting at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 5, 2010. Please don’t delay.


  1. Email the letter below to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff  and NDP Leader Jack Layton. A copy will also automatically be sent to Jim Prentice, Minister of the Environment, Liberal environment critic David McGuinty and NDP environment critic Linda Duncan.
  2. Please share this action alert with your colleagues, friends and family and ask them to write as well.

Below is the email that will be sent automatically to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and NDP Leader Jack Layton. You are welcome to add examples from your professional and personal lives to illustrate why this issue is important to you.