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URGENT ACTION ALERT – Tell Prime Minister Harper that Privatizing Social Programs is a Bad Idea!

URGENT ACTION ALERT – Tell Prime Minister Harper that Privatizing Social Programs is a Bad Idea!

On November 7th, Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government, made the shocking announcement that the delivery of social programs would be out-sourced and privatized.

Calling it “social finance”, the government says it hopes to achieve social goals such as addressing homelessness, illiteracy and youth crime. However, this is not just about using mechanisms such as tax reform to encourage more charitable giving. Rather, it means contracting out the delivery of needed social programs to the highest bidder. Instead of looking at where there’s the greatest need, priority will be given to return on investment.

Nurses know from experience that for-profit health care is not in the best interest of patients or Canadians in general. As RNAO CEO Doris Grinspun wrote in a letter to the editor of the Toronto Star, “health outcomes aren’t any better, they are actually worse and privatization ends up costing more in the long run.”

Similarly, out-sourcing of social services will lead to poorer quality and less cost-effective outcomes.

There is another common theme. Just as the federal government has refused to participate in negotiations around renewal of the Health Accord, due to expire in 2014, the Prime Minister has taken a hands-off approach to other important social programs, making irresponsible cuts to the National Aboriginal Health Organization, National Council of Welfare and the Interim Federal Health Program.

What can we do to tell Prime Minister Harper that out-sourcing and privatizing social programs is a bad idea? On November 21st, RNAO wrote to Minister Finley. Now it’s your turn. Time is short. The government is seeking proposals until December 31st.
Please write today and tell the Prime Minister that essential social programs and profits don’t mix.

The Action – Say NO to Prime Minister Harper’s idea to privatize Social Services!

Send an action alert to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Minister Diane Finley, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair, Liberal Leader Bob Rae and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May directly and ask them to say No to privatization of social programs!

Forward this Urgent Action Alert to your family, friends and colleagues.

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