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Premier Wynne: Safeguard Medicare by Immediately Banning Medical Tourism

Last updated November 7, 2014

Our health-care system is under attack as experiments with medical tourism continue in some hospitals in Toronto. We have reason to believe this is happening in other locations as well.

These experiments are compromising the future of Medicare. Medical tourism will erode the quality and accessibility of health services for all Ontarians.

On September 29th, RNAO issued a Freedom of Information request to get to the bottom of it. Nurses and the public deserve to know where medical tourism is occurring and to what extent is the Ontario government behind this attack on Medicare.

Medical tourism refers to a practice where health-care institutions create for-profit programs to attract patients from other countries to receive health care on a pay-for-treatment basis.

RNAO, Canadian Doctors for Medicare, the Association of Ontario Midwives and the Association of Ontario Health Centres are calling on the government of Ontario to immediately ban medical tourism. We have formed a coalition to engage all health professionals and the public to get involved by:

  1. Letting us know if you think medical tourism is happening in your hospital. Contact jmo@rnao.ca
  2. Letting us know if Ontario patients are being bumped by pay-for-treatment patients. Contact jmo@rnao.ca
  3. Sending the letter below addressed to Premier Kathleen Wynne, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care Eric Hoskins; Ontario Cabinet Ministers; Jim Wilson, Interim Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario; Andrea Horwath, Leader of the New Democratic Party of Ontario.
  4. Sending letters to the editor at your newspaper. Need help? Contact mdicostanzo@rnao.ca
  5. On Twitter? Use #BanMedicalTourism to be part of the conversation.

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