Policy and Political Action

Policy & Political Action

Get Involved in the Upcoming Federal Election!

April 14, 2011


We strongly urge you to participate in the democratic process and make sure your voice is heard on health and health care in the upcoming Federal Election on May 2, 2011.


On April 8, 2011, RNAO hosted its Annual General Meeting with over 600 nurses in attendance. The message was clear: registered nurses must have a strong presence in the upcoming Federal election. However you choose to vote, please vote. RNs must let our political representatives know that ongoing support and commitment to the Canada Health Act is crucial to building healthy and vibrant communities.


We invite you to check out the tools and resources on the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) website, read about what is at stake in this election, and find out how you, your family and friends can get involved and help shape our country’s future for the better.


What YOU can do to get involved:


  • Visit the Canadian Nurses Association 2011 Elections website here to learn about why the elections are important to YOU and how YOU can make a difference. Read the CNA Letter to Nurses in English and in French about the upcoming election.
  • Watch the 2011 Federal Election Debate online to learn about the Leaders’ commitments to health and health-care professionals. To watch it in French, please click here.
  • Take the 2011 Election Compass survey to see how your values match with the major political parties.
  • Read more about how the different parties will support health care and other issues that are important to you and your family.

(listed in alphabetical order)


Conservative Party of Canada


Green Party of Canada


Liberal Party of Canada


New Democratic Party of Canada



  • Get involved! Visit your local candidate and let them know that you are a registered nurse in your community who cares about health and health care.
  • Ask your candidate questions! Use the Ontario Health Coalition’s Federal Election Checklist to ask your candidate about how they will support health care here.
  • Become active in the upcoming election and use the RNAO kit.
  • Make your voice heard and learn about how you can become a political candidate at the upcoming RNAO Political Candidate Training Session on May 27, 28 &  29, 2011 at RNAO home office. For more information, please email kscott@rnao.org