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Policy & Political Action

Action Alert: Urgent Final Step in Getting Strong Pesticide Regulations


December 8, 2008


We are at a very exciting moment.  Ontario is finally on the verge of getting very protective regulations against the cosmetic use of pesticides, but is facing resistance from the pesticide industry. Decision-makers tell us that the advocacy role of individual RNs like you matters a great deal, and we thank you for your crucial support through the many stages of this fight for public health.  That support has helped get us to the brink of precedent-setting protection, and we are asking you to help us get over the top. 




RNAO has campaigned for bans on the cosmetic use of pesticides since 2000, first through the many municipal pesticide campaigns across the province.  Thanks to strong action by RNs and others, over 30 Ontario municipalities now have pesticide bylaws.  The momentum and the overwhelming popularity of bans on cosmetic use of pesticides led to a campaign to take the legislation province-wide. 

The Ontario government made a commitment in 2007 to quickly enact pesticide legislation, a move RNAO enthusiastically supported.  RNAO was concerned that the June 2008 legislation nullified the hard-fought municipal pesticide bylaws, but we are happy to support the draft regulations released November 7, as they are not weaker than existing municipal bylaws.  We do however advocate that proposed exemptions for golf courses and specialty turf should face deadlines for phase-out. 

For a media release on the regulations, please click here.

For details on the regulations, please click here.

For polling on Ontarians’ attitudes to pesticide use on golf courses, see this link.


Action Requested

We ask you to take two simple steps to get us over the top.  This can be done very quickly from our website (below)

1.       Send a message to MPPs in support of strong pesticide regulations.

2.       Send a similar message to the Environmental Registry (Deadline: December 22, 2008)

Please encourage family, friends and colleagues to do the same. 


Go to the link below as there is suggested text that will enable you to do both in a few minutes: to do so please click here.