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Policy & Political Action

Action Alert: Urge Tony Clement to keep Canada’s health-care system public

August 15, 2008


This weekend, doctors from across Canada will gather in Montreal for the Canadian Medical Association’s Annual General Meeting (Aug 17-20). Federal Minister of Health Tony Clement is one of the invited speakers.
At this meeting, outgoing CMA president, Dr. Brian Day, is a vocal proponent of privatization of our health-care system will pass the mantle to Dr. Robert Ouellet, a physician who owns a network of for-profit clinics. Please send Minister Clement a message urging him to stand up for Medicare and to reject any measures that would lead to more for-profit delivery of health-care in Canada. One of the sessions the CMA will be hosting is on "patient-focused funding." RNAO believes this funding formula is controversial because in countries where it has been adopted, it forces hospitals to compete for patients and the public dollars they bring with them.

What the RNAO has done

To view RNAO's open letter to Federal Health Minister Tony Clement, please click here

To view RNAO's federal pre-budget submission to the Standing Committee on Finance, please click here

What you can do

Write a letter to Minister Clement through our website. You can send our sample letter as is or modify it as you wish.  Please make sure to sign your name and RN title at the bottom of the letter.

Website of interest

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