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Policy & Political Action

Action alert: Tell Mountain Crest Brewing Company to discontinue offensive advertising campaign

October  4, 2010

Mountain Crest Brewing Company, based in Alberta, is using negative images of nurses to promote its Mountain Crest Classic Lager beer in a television commercial. The ad depicts “nurses” clad in tight, white mini dresses who stand by as a male “Dr. Bubbly” revives a flat can of beer lying in a hospital bed. This campaign is insulting and unacceptable and exploits negative stereotypes. Such images portray nurses as sexual objects and ignore the fact that nurses are knowledgeable, dedicated health-care professionals who make the difference between life and death for patients every day.

Watch the commercial here.

What RNAO has done
On September 15, RNAO’s Executive Director Doris Grinspun telephoned and wrote to Mountain Crest Brewing Company to ask that they remove their offensive the ads from television, their website and You Tube immediately and issue a public apology to nurses and the nursing profession.

Read Doris’s letter here.

RNAO has not yet received the courtesy of a response from Mountain Crest Brewing.

RNAO has also lodged a formal complaint with Advertising Standards Canada.

Read the letter here

What you can do

Since Mountain Crest Brewing Company has not acknowledged RNAO’s concerns, we need your help. Please take a minute now to write to Mr. Ravinder Minhas, President & CEO of Mountain Crest Brewing Company, through our website. You can send the sample letter as it is, or modify it as you wish. Please make sure to sign your name and RN title at the bottom of the letter.