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Policy & Political Action

Action Alert: RNAO urges the Town of Stratford City Council to Pass a Strong Pesticide By-law

Dear Stratford members:

We are asking Stratford RNAO members to contact their Councillors and Mayor to urge them to pass a strong pesticide by-law, to protect the health of Stratford residents.


Stratford City Council is considering a pesticide by-law. Public support for pesticide by-laws is strong across the province, and we would like you to help Council to understand that the public wants more protection from pesticides, and why. If the by-law is passed, Stratford would join a long list of Ontario municipalities with such protection, including Toronto, Hamilton, London, Markham, Oakville, St. Catherines, Guelph, Peterborough, Newmarket, Thorold, and Collingwood.

RNAO members have been very active in many of the municipal pesticide campaigns, and councillors do weigh the input of RNs and their Association highly. In its letter to each member of the Stratford City Council [PDF - 43 KB], RNAO outlines the argument for a strong by-law. RNAO is particularly concerned about the greater risk to children.

Immediate Action Requested

RNAO urges members to contact Mayor Dan Mathieson and other Council members, and ask them to support the strongest possible pesticide by-law. Encourage your neighbours and colleagues to do so as well.

To quickly send a letter to Council members, enter your name and e-mail address below. You can send the letter below as is, or make any modifications you wish. Please make sure to mention that you are an RN and a resident of Stratford. Be sure to sign the bottom of your letter, as well.

For contact information on individual Council members, please go here for the Mayor and here for Councillors.