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Action Alert: RNAO says No Deal about the inappropriate depiction of “nurses” on prime time television

Oct 22, 2007

It recently came to RNAO’s attention that the show Deal or No Deal is planning to air a “Naughty Nurse” themed episode on Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2008.The episode will have a contestant who is a nurse and the show’s models will be wearing short, revealing dresses that show grave disrespect for the nursing profession.

What RNAO has done
On Tuesday, Oct 21, 2008, RNAO President Wendy Fucile and RNAO Executive Director Doris Grinspun wrote to the producers of Deal or No Deal and asked that they issue a public apology to nurses and the nursing profession and that they never re-run this episode again in the future.

You can read their letter here.

What you can do
Send a letter to the producers of the show through our website on the form provided below.  You can also send a letter through the NBC website here. To send the letter through the NBC website, select Deal or No Deal where it says "Select Show". You may wish to copy this sample letter, or modify it as you wish. Please make sure you sign your name and RN title at the bottom of the letter.  


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