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Action Alert: RNAO asks RNs to support Ontario Health Coalition on home care

Action Alert
RNAO supports Ontario Health Coalition campaign on home care
April 3, 2008

In support of a campaign by the Ontario Health Coalition on home care, RNAO is calling on RNs to write to Premier McGuinty and urge him to ensure that the government’s actions on home care encompass:

• Stopping competitive bidding in home care;
• Preventing long-term for-profit privatization of home care;
• Conducting province-wide consultations, and;
• Creating a public non-profit home care system.


RNAO has long opposed both the competitive bidding process and for-profit delivery of health care. We are deeply concerned about the impact that competitive bidding has on patients, their loved ones, nurses, and other health-care workers in the province.

Late last year, VON and St Joseph’s Health care, organizations that had provided 80 per cent of home care nursing in Hamilton, were eliminated from the competitive bidding process for nursing services in Hamilton at an early stage. The community in Hamilton strongly supported those nurses and agencies who were about to lose their contracts and jobs. That support culminated in January with a rally that 1500 people attended. In response to those concerns, Minister Smitherman stopped the process in Hamilton and then placed a moratorium on the competitive bidding process for home care across the province.

Action Requested

Fill out the form below to send your letter directly to Premier McGuinty and Minister Smitherman. You can send our sample letter as is, or modify it as you wish. Please make sure to sign your name and RN title at the bottom of the letter.