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Action Alert: Canada Needs a National Poverty Plan

Aug. 1, 2008


Registered nurses are acutely aware that our clients and neighbours living in poverty are struggling every day to meet their basic needs for nutritious food and affordable shelter. Over the last few months, Ontario’s nurses have been working with our community partners in supporting a comprehensive poverty reduction plan for Ontario. RNAO has also been urging the federal government to demonstrate leadership by developing a national anti-poverty strategy.  To help build the growing momentum for federal action on this crucial issue, we urge our members to join RNAO, Campaign 2000, and the National Anti-Poverty Organization in calling for a comprehensive national strategy on poverty reduction.

Action Requested

Follow the links below to sign a petition that calls on the federal government to introduce a national poverty plan. There has been all-party agreement to support the current Parliamentary Committee hearings on the federal role for a poverty reduction strategy.  Your message will go to the Prime Minister, Human Resources and Social Development Minister Solberg, and the twelve MPs on the committee.

We also encourage you to circulate this action alert to your friends, family, colleagues or other interested parties.

Links to petition in English and en francais:

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