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Action Alert – Ask Premier McGuinty to Show Bold Leadership in the Upcoming Budget

January 5, 2009




Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan will be putting shortly the final touches on the Provincial Budget, expected after the Legislature resumes on February 17. Now is the time for you to speak out. Up until January 16 the Government wants to hear your opinion on what the priorities should be.


This is a pivotal moment in the history of Ontario. Nurses work on the front lines, in our hospitals and community clinics, in our homes and with those who have no homes. They witness firsthand the devastating effect of layoffs and lost retirement savings. They know we need bold leadership from our political leaders and aggressive and effective interventions that will reduce the severity of the recession and its impact on Ontarians.


With even the International Monetary Fund (IMF) arguing a significant fiscal stimulus is necessary to counter the effects of the global recession, the question is no longer whether there will be a deficit, or how large it will be, but how to most effectively revive the economy and restore Ontario to good health.


This is not the time to cut essential commitments, such as the recent decision to delay the promised creation of 9,000 additional nursing positions – these cuts take us back to the past by creating fear and uncertainty affecting retention and the needed recruitment into the profession. The RNAO believes it is a grievous mistake to force a choice between the so-called economic and social spheres. Rather, a period of such economic uncertainty as we now face is exactly when government should stimulate the economy by investing in Ontario’s people and future.


Healthy communities that put the needs of all Ontarians, especially the most vulnerable, at the forefront. A healthy environment. A healthy and stronger nursing profession. A healthier and stronger Medicare. These are the keys to a provincial Budget that grows the economy and protects Ontarians against the recession.


What RNAO has done


On December 4, 2008, RNAO President Wendy Fucile made a strong oral presentation to the Legislative Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs calling for the government to show bold leadership in these challenging economic times.

Check out Wendy’s comments here.



What you can do


Please send immediately an email to Premier Dalton McGuinty, Finance Minister Dwight Duncan, Minister of Health David Caplan and the Legislature Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs through the RNAO website. You can send our sample email below or modify the letter with your own words and examples. Please make sure to sign your name and identify yourself as a RN at the bottom of the letter.