Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario


Update to members: Open Session at RNAO's Assembly regarding CNA membership

On Sept 28, 2013 RNAO held an open session with members as part of the RNAO’s regular Assembly meeting. The session, which was broadly advertised by RNAO and by CNA, was in response to requests from members to gain a better understanding of the BOD decision to make CNA membership optional for RNAO members.

President Rhonda Seidman-Carlson led the dialogue by inviting the perspectives of the 33 RNAO members who attended the open session. Although originally scheduled to be 45 minutes in length, the session was extended to 1 1/4 hours to allow further discussion. Respecting the views of those who came especially for this session, the President allocated an hour to our guest members and 15 minutes to RNAO’s Board and Assembly members.

It is noteworthy that all the guest members who spoke, Assembly members and RNAO's BOD, expressed the need for collaboration and unity. As we move forward with RNAO's BOD decision to implement optional CNA membership on Nov 1, 2014, the RNAO and its BOD remain fully committed to a strong provincial and a strong national nursing voice. In the President's words: "RNAO remains a strong CNA partner that substantively contributes to achieving positive change in the policies that affect the profession of nursing, the delivery of health care and the health outcomes of people that rely on us provincially, nationally and internationally."

We very much thank all members who took the time to attend and convey your perspectives on this important matter.

See the full 'Change in CNA membership from mandatory to optional - Questions and Answers'.