Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario


Taking the lock out of the grid

Tired of choking on exhaust while stuck in traffic or biking to work? Get politicians to take the pledge to fix transit in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

RNAO and Toronto Public Health have teamed up to write a short item on the health benefits of investing in transit and active transportation. The numbers tell us this investment in healthy transportation would pay back dividends not only in health but in cost savings due to increased productivity and reduced health costs.

See the Move the GTHA website.

Over 30 other business, health and community organizations to call on governments to get on with finding the revenue tools to pay for a healthy transportation system [see link below]. Imagine transit efficient and reliable enough that people start getting out of their cars in large numbers. Imagine truly walkable and bikeable cities. We can get there, if we are willing to make the investments now.

RNAO and Toronto Public Health have taken this a step further, with this prescription for health transportation. It points out that the healthy choice is also the best economic choice. Read the letter.

Take the pledge for a sustainable transportation system.

See the open letter on funding transit from over 30 organizations

Toronto Public Health page on the built environment and health.