Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario


Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

A new commemorative medal was created to mark the 2012 celebrations of the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada.

The Canadian Nurses Association was granted 30 medals to distribute, to recognize outstanding nurses, and RNAO was allocated five of these medals. Following are the names of the five winners. RNAO would like to thank all those who were nominated for this honour. You are all worthy candidates.

Medal Winners:

  • Theresa Agnew
  • Leah Jamnicky
  • M. Patrice Lindsay
  • Josephine Santos
  • Ruth Walden

Other Nominees:

  • Michelle Acorn
  • Patricia Bailey
  • Jean Benton
  • Ariel Beaudoin
  • Veronique Boscart
  • Jannine Bowen
  • Tracey Bradford
  • Sue Calabrese
  • Suzanne Coffey
  • Marilyn Daniel-Awong
  • Gail Donner
  • Tannice Fletcher-Stackhouse
  • Mary Glavassevich
  • Jacqueline Goodban
  • Alyssa Hamilton
  • Cindy A. Harper
  • Sarla Hegde
  • Lesley Hirst
  • Janice (Jan) Lee Johnston
  • Wilma (Willi) Kirenko
  • Cheryl Kowal
  • Maxine T. Lesage
  • Monique Lloyd
  • Sheila MacDonald
  • Elyse Maindonald
  • Katherine McGilton
  • Kathleen Mitson
  • Jane Mosley
  • Beatrice Osome
  • Sherry Pelletier
  • Jovette Pinet
  • Ann Pottinger
  • Alice Price
  • Valerie Rzepka
  • Carol Seaby
  • Tiziana Silveri
  • Paul Edward Sims
  • Janice Lynne Spivey
  • Bonnie Stevens
  • Krista Swan
  • Doris Tretter
  • Nancy Watters

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