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Ontario Cervical Screening Program enhancement

Did you know that roughly 610 Ontario women are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year, and about 150 women die from this disease? Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) is hoping to change this.

Last month, the Ontario Cervical Screening Program began sending letters to women who have recently had a Pap test to let them know about CCO’s program, inform them of CCO’s privacy guidelines and give them the choice to opt out of receiving letters from CCO.

Beginning September 19, CCO will send result letters to women age 21 and over who have recently had a Pap test (but only to those who did not opt out of the correspondence program). In the coming months, CCO will also send reminder letters to women aged 21 to 69 who were screened 35 months ago to let them know they are due for re-screening. Invitation letters will then be sent to women aged 30 to 69 years who were not screened within the prior 36 months.

For information on cervical screening guidelines or clinical resources, please visit or call 1-866-662-9233.