Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario


Nurses want Hands-on Medicare and Hands-off Health Council of Canada

We refuse to take the news of the federal government cutting funding to the Health Council of Canada lying down.

This week, Prime Minister Stephen Harper decided to cut funding to the Health Council of Canada – the national body set up in 2004 to monitor the 10-year health accord and report on the country’s health system.

The health council has been responsible for producing reports examining important health issues on various topics such as:

  • Universality
  • Quality of care
  • Aboriginal health
  • Health system efficiency

RNAO believes eliminating the Health Council of Canada not only reduces federal oversight on national health-care standards: it also effectively lowers the bar for provinces who wish to experiment with for-profit delivery.

This is a clear offence to Canadians who have consistently treasured our national Medicare system.

What Can You Do?

Speak out for health! Sign the action alert telling Prime Minister cutting the funding to the Health Council of Canada is OUTRAGEOUS!

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We are experiencing a dangerous trend of chipping away at the foundation of Medicare.
Two years ago, the Harper government refused to sit down with First Ministers to negotiate a new funding agreement. Instead, it unveiled a funding plan with no strings attached and announced transfer payments paid to provinces after 2017 would be lowered, clearly illustrating the federal government’s intent to undermine the system until nothing is left.

Canadians should be alarmed. Canadians are encouraged to act now!

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