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New resources for cervical cancer screening

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Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) is rolling out new initiatives that will make it easier for Ontarians to stay informed and stay protected against cervical cancer. The expanded Ontario Cervical Screening Program (OCSP) now includes a free mobile app, new online frequently asked questions resources, and a mailing system to keep women up-to-date about screenings.

Cervical cancer is found in about 1,500 Canadian women every year, and at least one woman will die every day from the disease.

CCO’s free mobile app provides health-care professionals with information about CCO's cervical cancer screening cytology guidelines, and is now available on Blackberry, Android and Windows phones, as well as iPhones and iPads.

CCO has added new frequently asked questions to their website to inform people about recent changes to the guidelines. It will also continue mailings, which began in fall 2013, where letters are sent to women regarding Pap test results and to remind them when they're due for a screening.

Visit CCO’s website for more information.