Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario


Happy 50th birthday Medicare, now let’s get to work on the next phase, together.

Today, the country’s premiers and territorial leaders will meet in Halifax to further strengthen our most cherished social program.

Despite the unwillingness of Prime Minister Stephen Harper to join in discussions about the renewal of the country’s Health Accord (due to expire in 2014), the premiers and territorial leaders decided six months ago to form a Health-Care Innovations Working Group. RNAO was proud to be a part of the group that reported back on clinical practice guidelines.

We need a system that is evidence-based and has primary health care and interprofessional practice at its core. It seems the government is now recognizing just that.

We need a strong federal partner that will offer adequate funding, uphold the principles and spirit of the Canada Health Act, and provide bold leadership to expand programs that will further strengthen Medicare.

We need the prime minister to get back to the table and commit to signing a Health Accord in 2014.

We can make this happen, together.

See the RNAO media release.