Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario


Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) day is September 9th

On this day RNAO reminds people to remain alcohol free when they are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or think they might be pregnant.

The number of women in their childbearing years that are drinking at a risky level has increased in recent years. Statistics Canada finds that thirty per cent more women engage in risky drinking as compared to a decade ago.

Risky drinking was measured as 5 or more drinks at a sitting, once or more a month. For women in their childbearing years, it's even higher - one fifth of women 25 to 34 drink riskily, up by more than a third in the last decade.

With 40-50% of pregnancies being unplanned it is of utmost importance to encourage women who are drinking to use reliable birth control each and every time they have sex.

Want to test your knowledge on alcohol and pregnancy? Try this quiz at the Centre for Disease Control and see how you do.