Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario


Best practice guidelines turned patient order sets

RNAO is pleased to announce that will now be offering an innovative nursing order set module derived from their evidence-based best practice guidelines. Each nursing order set uses standardized international nursing terminology and is comprised of nursing interventions with links to the supporting evidence and other clinical decision support resources.

The nursing order sets are designed to be incorporated into an electronic health record, but they may also be used in a paper-based or hybrid order-entry system, translating into significant time and cost savings benefits for health care organizations.

They are intended to optimize patient safety by ensuring that patients receive the right care, informed by the best available evidence, at the right time. They are applicable to clinicians in all health-care sectors including: acute care, long-term care, community care and palliative care.

The first fifteen order sets will be available in August 2012. Order sets will be developed for the remaining BPGs and added to the reference library and web-based order entry system as they become available. It is expected that all of the existing BPGs will have corresponding order sets by June 2013.

For pricing information or queries about the various implementation options, please contact at or Rita Wilson at the RNAO.

See the press release for more information.