Advent Mortgage Services, Inc.

Advent is Canada's #1 ranked mortgage broker by volume (per Canadian Mortgage Professional 2013) so they consistently can negotiate low rates from lenders, most often the same banks you go to. It's like the difference between going to a car dealer and trying to get the best price on a car, and being a national car rental company negotiating a price for 500 cars.

As an exclusive benefit to RNAO members, Advent will reduce the lowest rate they can find by a further .05%, increasing your savings by another $800 on a typical $350,000 mortgage over a 5-year term, over and above the money you save from the low rates Advent offers.
How You Benefit from Working with Advent

  • Low rates for new mortgages, renewals and re-financing
    • high volume ensures that Advent’s clients consistently get lenders’ best rates
    • exclusive RNAO rate discount helps you save more
    • Advent deals only with quality, brand-name lenders with familiar names
  • Save time and money
    • Advent's licensed consultants handle all lender contact, negotiations and paperwork
    • know what you can afford before you start looking for your new home
  • No fees and no obligation
    • Advent's fees are paid by the lending institutions so their service is free to you
    • consultations are free and there's no obligation

You can do better with Advent than by negotiating with lenders yourself. Let Advent find the best deal for your mortgage.
Whether your mortgage is renewing, you're re-financing or you're a first-time buyer, Advent can help you save money!

Current Mortgage Rates
Ranked #1 Broker in Ontario based on volume amongst 10,000 mortgage professionals across the province (per CMP Magazine 2016) Advent always gets low rates!

Go to for current low rates or call Jim Tourloukis, MBA, Principal Broker: 1-866-503-2505 FSCO Lic. #10149

Service you can depend on, advice you can trust, lenders you know.

Advent accesses more than 40 lenders including many of the Big 6 Chartered Banks and lenders that specialize in meeting unique needs, ensuring that Advent can provide a mortgage for virtually every home owner.