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Party Leaders and Candidates urged to sign Medicare Protection Pledge

Party Leaders and Candidates urged to sign Medicare Protection Pledge


Canadian Health Coalition

OTTAWA - May 21, 2004 – The Canadian Health Coalition (CHC) today launched a broad-based non-partisan campaign to protect and strengthen Medicare. The objective is to secure a clear position from all candidates in the upcoming election on non-profit health care delivery.

“We are committed to do all we can to protect Medicare’s values and principles from betrayal. The health system belongs to the people of Canada. They own it. They pay for it. It’s not the governments’ to give away,” said CHC spokesperson, Shirley Douglas.

“Before Canadians vote, they need to know where each candidate stands on for-profit delivery of health care,” said Ms. Douglas. “This matters because the evidence demonstrates that not-for-profit health care delivery is safer, cheaper, more accountable and respects Canadian values.”

A key aspect of the campaign involves asking candidates, public office holders, and prominent Canadians to sign a “Medicare Protection Pledge”

Canadians are encouraged to sign an online petition calling on all candidates and public office holders to sign the Pledge (


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