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Adult Asthma Care Guidelines for Nurses: Promoting Control of Asthma

Adult Asthma Care Guidelines for Nurses: Promoting Control of Asthma

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The purpose of this best practice guideline is to provide nurses (RNs and RPNs) working in diverse settings with an evidence-based summary of basic asthma care for adults. The guideline aims to assist nurses and their clients to make informed decisions that lead to quality care and improved outcomes (improved quality of life and overall reduction in morbidity). It is not the intent of the best practice guideline to provide a comprehensive review of the literature or duplicate the recommendations of the Canadian Asthma Consensus Report. Rather, this document is designed to complement and expand upon existing guidelines. This best practice guideline assists nurses who are not specialists in asthma care to identify adults with asthma, determine whether or not their asthma is under acceptable control, provide asthma education (specifically, self-management action plans, use of inhaler/devices and medications), facilitate appropriate referral(s), and access community resources. It is acknowledged that successful asthma control involves a partnership with the individual with asthma and the interdisciplinary healthcare team.

Key Points

  • This document focuses on assisting nurses working in diverse practice settings in providing basic asthma care.
  • Nurses have an important role in promoting control of asthma through assessment, education and referral.

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