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eHealth & Technology

eHealth Champions Network

eHealth champions are nurses and others who are passionate about improving nursing practice and client care in their organization. Champions can be anyone who will be able to have organizational and/or unit/program level influence.

Why get involved?
Become an eHealth leader! Increase your understanding, acceptance and adoption of informatics in point-of-care activities; develop support strategies for colleagues in the workplace. There are two levels of eHealth Champions.

Level 1 Workshop

Join us for a one day initiation workshop that will increase your knowledge about nursing and eHealth and the relationship between eHealth and clinical practice. The workshop will consist of:

  • Presentations from experts in the field of eHealth
  • Activities that will clarify eHealth concepts
  • Strategies that will assist in supporting eHeath in your organization
  • Resources of current eHealth programs

Level 2 Workshop – Skills update

The level 2 workshop aims to expand the knowledge and skill level of current eHealth Champions to take a lead role in the acceptance and adoption of eHealth in point-of-care activities, integrating best practices, knowledge, information and technology in daily care.


  • Enhance understanding of linkages between eHealth, nursing and quality care
  • Build on mutual experiences in eHealth to generate new learning
  • Identify political, social and organizational issues related to eHealth and their impact on adoption
  • Foster collaboration and coordination within the eChampion network/li>
  • Advance the nursing eChampion role within Ontario’s health care system
  • Establish practical approaches to carrying out the eChampion role within the organization

For or a list of upcoming eHealth workshop dates and locations please visit our events calendar.

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