RNAO Student Liaisons

Student Liaisons act as the RNAO "point person" among their fellow students by distributing information, organizing special RNAO-related events, and generally helping other nursing students learn more about their professional association -- RNAO -- and Nursing Students of Ontario (NSO), RNAO's student interest group. Nursing students who are informed about RNAO benefits and initiatives are more likely to be student members of the association.

If you are the sole Student Liaison at your nursing school, why not ask a student colleague or two if they are interested in helping out. Working as a team is usually more enjoyable and can be more effective. If you recruit colleagues to help you, please let David McChesney know who these people are.

The RNAO Membership Year
RNAO's membership year runs from November 1 to October 31. Every year, though, RNAO runs its "two months free" offer starting September 1. This means that students can join as early as September 1 and receive fourteen months of membership. The two months free offer fits nicely with the academic year.

Students Signing Up
Students may sign up for RNAO membership by using our convenient online membership form.

The paper version of the 2014-2015 undergraduate nursing student application form [PDF - 120 KB] is available for download as well.

Of course, students are also welcome to call RNAO Home Office at 416-599-1925 or toll-free 1-800-268-7199.

Talking to Nursing Students
Sometimes it's difficult to talk to other students about RNAO membership. Students vary in their wants and needs. Bringing up just a few items from the "Tip Sheet for Student Recruitment and Involvement" [PDF - 79 KB] can demonstrate to nursing students why it's important to be a student member and how RNAO membership can help them.

If you have the opportunity to make a presentation to a group of nursing students, you can use this PowerPoint or its PDF version:

There are also a couple of "Prezi" presentations available for use:

Student Welcome Packages
Student Welcome Packages are available to sell to nursing students at student or campus events. Providing the Student Welcome Package to students who submit an application form with payment at a nursing school event has been an effective recruitment strategy. Students don't have to wait several weeks for the Welcome Package to arrive via Canada Post.

This is an important document for anybody who plans to sell Student Welcome Packages. Please read it.

Student Recruitment Poster
Feel free to print out this student recruitment poster [PDF - 20 MB] and post at your school event or on your school website if possible.

If you would like to become a Student Liaison, have questions or concerns, or require supplies, please contact David McChesney, Project Coordinator, Membership & Services.