Student Clinical Placement Request

The goal of RNAO clinical placement is to provide opportunities for under-graduate and graduate students of various disciplines, to complete their curriculum placement hours in any one of a variety of RNAO placement options. Student may choose an area of interest from the following options:

  • Nursing Policy and Research
  • Best Practice Guidelines Project
  • Guideline Implementation Projects
  • Healthy Work Environments Best Practice Guidelines Project

Students who are seeking clinical placement must be RNAO members.

RNAO Clinical Application process
Students, who are applying for clinical placements, must complete the attached Clinical Placement Request Form, the RNAO Clinical Placement Learning Plan, and forward these along with a current resume and course description for which you are completing the placement to the placement coordinator.

Clinical Placement Application deadlines
Deadline for fall clinical placement is August 1st of each year.
Deadline for winter clinical placement November 30th of each year.
Deadline for spring clinical placement is March 1st of each year.

Student Clinical Placement Request Form