Ontario Family Practice Nurses (OFPN)

“To promote and support the professional role of the Registered Nurse in Family Practice”

Contact: Suzanne Braithwaite
Cost of Interest Group: $50 ($30 for students)

OFPN Membership Registration Form **Please complete return this form even if you have joined RNAO**

OFPN Executive 2014 - 2016

  • President - Suzanne Braithwaite
  • VP - Carolyn Vardy
  • Secretary - Kelly Pensom
  • Treasurer - Suzanne Finnie
  • Membership – Jennifer Bugera
  • Communications - Barb Thompson
  • Past President - Judie Surridge
  • Member at Large - Judith Manson

Regional Representatives
Claire Vickery – London
Margaret Budd – Ottawa

Dear Prospective Member

The Ontario Family Practice Nurses Interest Group (OFPN) provides resources for nurses working in all areas of Primary Care. These resources include a biennial conference, a newsletter several times each year as well as email notification of educational and professional opportunities. The registration fee as of 2010 includes membership in the Canadian Family Practice Nurses Association (CFPNA).

Since the formation of the CFPNA, there has been a lot of confusion among members, in that some members were under the misunderstanding that membership to OFPN meant automatic membership to the CFPNA (Canadian Family Practice Nurses Association). Or that membership to the CNA, (Canadian Nurses Association) meant automatic membership to CFPNA.
 After discussion at the biennial general meeting it was agreed by vote that membership to OFPN and CFPNA be combined. The new membership fee would be $60 annually. This reflects an increase of $10, since OFPN membership was $30 and CFPNA membership was $20. Having a combined provincial and national membership would give members more opportunities for networking and also present a more united front.

OFPN and CFPNA continue to develop an on-going collaborative relationship with RNAO, the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) as well as the Ontario College of Family Physicians(OCFP)  and the Canadian College of Family Physicians(CCFP).
Registered Nurses working in Family Practice / Primary Care face unique challenges. By joining the OFPN/CFPNA you will grow professionally and feel supported by many other nurses sharing the same issues; “valuing quality outcomes, professionalism, collaborative practice and a patient/family centered approach to care from birth to end of life”.

In some areas of Ontario there are active groups (Chapters) who meet regularly to offer support and networking opportunities on a local level. If you are interested in joining one of the groups identified on our registration form, please complete the form and send it to me. For those who do not pay their OFPN membership fees through RNAO, you must mail in the form with a cheque for $60 made out to Ontario Family Practice Nurses.

For more information about CFPNA, please check their website at

Barbara Thompson, OFPN Membership Chair
Fax: 519-599-7127

2010 OFPN Conference Presentations