Ontario Correctional Nurses' Interest Group (OCNIG)

Cost of Interest Group: $30 RNs/$15 for Students
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Mission Statement
Our mission is to foster knowledge-based correctional nursing practice, promote quality work environments, support professional development of correctional nurses and to advance healthy public policy to improve health.

We promote the full participation of current and future registered nurses in improving health, and shaping and delivering correctional health care.

We believe health is a resource for everyday living and health care is a universal human right.

We respect human dignity and are committed to diversity, inclusivity, equity, social justice, democracy and voluntarism.

We value leadership in all correctional nurses.

Through collective leadership, we collaborate with nurses, government, organizations and the public to advance healthy public policy.

We will engage with correctional nurses and nursing students to stimulate membership and promote the value of belonging to OCNIG.

We will advance the role and image of correctional nurses as members of a vital, knowledge-driven, caring profession, and as significant contributors to health.

We will speak out on emerging issues that impact correctional nurses, their health and the health care they provide.

We will strive to influence healthy public policy to positively impact determinants of health and to strengthen the correctional health care system.

OCNIG Executive 2013-2014

Co-Chairs - Subaida Hanifa and Evelyn Wilson
Past Chair - Sheleza Latif
Policy and Political Action Officer - Elzar Sipin
Communications Executive Network Officer - Shirley Kennedy
Finance Executive Network Officer - Evelyn Wilson
Membership Executive Network Officer - Christine Bintakies
Member at Large - Marta Mirkeci
Member at Large - Annette Buzdygan
Student Liaison - OPEN
Mentor and Resource - Ian Clarke

If you are already an RNAO member and wish to add OCNIG to your membership, please contact RNAO at 1-800-268-7199 (toll-free) or 416-599-1925.