Diabetes Nursing Interest Group (DNIG)

Cost of Interest Group: $35; $25 with proof of DES Membership; free for undergraduate nursing students


Membership in the Diabetes Nursing Interest Group (DNIG) is open to all registered nurses and nursing students interested in the area of diabetes education and care. DNIG provides a forum for the discussion of issues within the diabetes care nursing community; contributes a nursing voice on diabetes-related practice, education, and research issues; advocates / lobbies at the provincial level on diabetes care (professional nursing issues as well as quality of care concerns from consumer perspective); supports continuing nursing education relevant to diabetes education and care, and strives to establish a network for information sharing and collaboration within diabetes nursing and with other health care professionals.

The DNIG newsletter is produced three times a year to link members and share information about the group, to provide information on diabetes education and care, and to discuss issues and concerns in the area of diabetes nursing. Workshops and conferences are offered periodically to provide both education and support through networking.

Contact: Chair Aileen Knip Membership and Services Representative Alwyn Moyer