Getting involved with RNAO: Volunteer Recruitment

RNAO is a member-driven organization that offers many opportunities for leadership in a variety of roles.

  • Best Practice Guideline Champions
  • Board of Directors committees
  • Conference Placement Opportunities for students with the Centre for Professional Nursing Excellence
  • Executive positions on your interest group executive or chapter executive. Please note: volunteers for chapter executive roles are especially crucial now.

The association has established an Executive Network Structure to build on RNAO's work in local communities and among different interest groups.
Members of the executive network structure include chapter presidents, interest group chairs, and a number of Executive Network Officers who represent departments at RNAO home office on the local level. They include positions in policy and political action, communications and public relations, membership and services, finance and the workplace liaison program.

Communications Executive Network Officer
This officer enhances the media profile of chapters and interest groups. Communications ENOs monitor local media, establish working relationships with reporters and work with the communications department at RNAO home office to customize opinion pieces, letters to the editor and media releases.

Finance/Treasury Executive Network Officer
Finance/Treasury ENOs maintain the bookkeeping and financial records of the chapter and make them available to chapter executive and RNAO home office. This ENO also prepares budgets for chapter/region without chapter/interest group activities.

Membership Executive Network Officer
Membership ENOs play an active role in recruiting new and lapsed members to join RNAO. With support from RNAO home office, these ENOs maintain membership lists and welcome new RNAO members.

Policy/Political Action Executive Network Officer
This ENO provides leadership on policy and political action activities at the local level. He or she works with other stakeholders including politicians and Local Health Integration Networks, and keeps in touch with chapter/region without chapter/interest group executive as well as home office staff on various issues.

Workplace Liaison Executive Network Officer
Workplace Liaisons are the link between RNAO home office an RNs in health-care organizations across Ontario. They provide nurses and nursing students with information about RNAO membership, services and activities and encourage membership in the association. The Workplace Liaison ENO role is the same at the Workplace Liaison but this person is assigned to a particular chapter/region without chapter and is part of the Chapter/Region's executive team. As part of the Chapter/Region's executive, the WLENO contributes to the leadership of the Chapter/Region without Chapters (RWC) by liaising with other Workplace Liaisons in the Chapter/RWC, as well as updating the Chapter/RWC executives on the status/activities of the WLs in their local area and relating Chapter/RWO info to the WLs.

Chapter presidents
Chapter presidents provide leadership on association activities at the local level. They organize events, keep records of all meetings, and perform other administrative functions. Presidents usually hold the role for two-year terms.

Interest group president
Interest group presidents provide leadership to the group. Each group must elect one person to be responsible for leading the group's affairs.

  • Nurse Ambassadors
  • Smoking Cessation Champions
  • Stakeholder Reviewer for Best Practice Guidelines
  • Workplace Liaisons
  • I am interested in finding out more about taking on a voluntary leadership role with RNAO!