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How can the LTC Best Practice Coordinators help the homes in implementing guidelines for evidence-based practice?

The Coordinators will be identifying homes that may be interested in participating in this initiative, as well as promoting the importance of evidence-based practice among homes that are not aware of the guidelines or how they may be used.
Specific activities of Coordinators may include:

  • To conduct a brief survey to gain a provincial perspective on the uptake of best practices in the LTC sector;

  • To seek, create and coordinate opportunities for promotion and use of evidence-based best practices in the LTC sector;

  • To establish regional networking forums such as Communities of Practice to support uptake of BPGs;

  • To continue providing access to Best Practice resources and supporting implementation;

  • To develop and mentor individuals in LTC homes who will promote and support knowledge transfer within their region;

  • To provide ongoing consultation with RAI-MDS and non-RAI-MDS LTC homes in order to develop a common approach to implementation;

  • To link and integrate the BPG initiative with RAI-MDS and with other performance improvement initiatives;

  • To network with other LTC Best Practice Coordinators, regional champions and individuals endowed with an Advanced Practice Clinical Fellowships to ensure sharing of lessons learned in implementation and best practices; and

  • To support a coordinated program of research within the sector with a focus on measuring impact of best practices on residents, staff and the organization through a program of evaluative research.

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