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Increase your knowledge in promoting family health through interventions and supports provided during expected (i.e. birth, school, adolescence, aging, and death) as well as unexpected (i.e. trauma/accidents, chronic...

Recommendations are focused on any youth, adult or older adult either already on MMT or those who are potential candidates for MMT. Particular attention is paid to priority populations (for whom there are particular...

Facilitate routine universal screening for woman abuse by nurses in all practice settings. Increase opportunity for disclosure, which will promote health, well-being, and safety for women.

This guideline has been developed to promote practices that protect infants in their sleep environments. The target population will be infants age range: 0-24 months and parents and caregivers.

This guideline will...

This guideline speaks to the impacts of health, wellness and safety focused environments for nurses on quality outcomes for patients/clients, nurses, organizations and systems.