Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario

Collaborative Practice Among Nursing Teams Guideline

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Healthy Work Environments
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About this Guideline:

The focus for the development of this guideline was collaborative practice among nursing teams with the view that this may be a first stage in a multi-staged process that could eventually result in interprofessional guidelines. A healthy work environment for nurses is a practice setting that maximizes the health and well being of nurses, quality patient outcomes and organizational performance. Effective nursing teamwork is essential to the work in health care organizations.

The following research questions were developed by the panel to assist with the review of the evidence related to collaboration among nursing teams:

  1. What are the processes and characteristics of a nursing team that support a healthy work environment?
  2. What effect does team process and composition have on producing effective teamwork?
  3. Does communication, coordination and collaboration within the nursing team and the creation of healthy work environments lead to desirable outcomes for patients/clients, nurses and the organization/system?

This BPG identifies:

  • best practices that effectively address collaborative practice/teamwork; and
  • the organizational culture, values, relationships and the structures and processes required for developing and sustaining effective nursing teamwork.

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