Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario

Virtual Learning Series

To further engage individuals as champions and improve accessibility to the Champions workshop, the Best Practice Champions Program has created a digital learning series based on the content delivered at the in-person Champions workshops.

This learning series consists of four modules using a hybrid approach for content delivery, whereby modules 1 & 4 are archived webinars, and modules 2 & 3 are combined into a live three-hour webinar. Similar to the in-person workshop, participants are introduced to BPGs and how to implement them using the Toolkit, however in a modular format.

  • Module 1: Introduction to BPGs, Champions Network and role of the Champion.
  • Module 2: Identify, review and select knowledge; adapt knowledge to local context, stakeholders and resources (chapters one and two of the Toolkit).
  • Module 3: Assess barriers and facilitators to knowledge use; select tailor and implement interventions and strategies (chapters three and four of the Toolkit).
  • Module 4: Monitor knowledge use and evaluate outcomes; sustain knowledge use (chapters five and six of the Toolkit); personal action plan.

After each module, participants are expected to complete a series of reflections and activities based on the content presented within the module. After completion of all four modules, participants will be awarded a certificate of achievement, added to the Best Practice Champions Network® database, and identified as Champions.

**Starting in August 2018, the learning series will be 3 modules. Modules 2&3 will now be combined into one live session.

The Learning Series is offered every two months, throughout the year. Please check the events calendar for dates and time.

Downloadable Files:
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