Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario


Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster knowledge-based nursing practice, promote quality work environments, deliver excellence in professional development, and advance healthy public policy to improve health.

We promote the full participation of present and future registered nurses, nurse practitioners and nursing students in improving health, and shaping and delivering health-care services.


  • We believe health is a resource for everyday living and health care is a universal human right.
  • We respect human dignity and are committed to diversity, inclusivity, equity, social justice, democracy and voluntarism.
  • We value leadership in all nursing roles across all sectors, in order to advance individual and collective health.
  • Through collective leadership, we collaborate with nurses, government, organizations and the public to advance healthy public policy.


  • Engage with registered nurses, nurse practitioners and nursing students to stimulate membership and promote the value of belonging to their professional organization.
  • Advance the role and image of nurses as members of a vital, knowledge-driven, caring profession, and as significant contributors to health.
  • Speak out on emerging issues that impact on nurses and the nursing profession, health and health care.
  • Influence healthy public policy to positively impact the determinants of health, supporting Medicare and strengthening a publicly funded, not-for-profit health-care system.

Organizational Statement on Diversity and Inclusivity

In keeping with the RNAO’s mission, we are committed to providing an environment that is free from racism, prejudice, discrimination, and harassment. We strive to reflect the diverse communities within our organizational structure (board, staff, members and students) and to promote equitable access to the programs and services we offer.

The RNAO will ensure:

  • Policies and protocols, programs and services eliminate systemic barriers, and promote positive inclusive relations
  • Understanding and mutual acceptance of diversity among its board, staff, members and students
  • Whenever possible, the board, staff, members and students reflect the diversity of the community it serves
  • Fairness and equity in all of its operations, including access to employment opportunities and program and service delivery
  • Board, staff, members, students and communities, as well as its affiliates in the province, understand and promote the Diversity and Inclusivity Statement and the Human Rights Code

April 2007

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